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Zehn Stück : für Sextett / Svyatoslav Lunyov

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Mixed ensemble (2-12 players)
Instrumentos: ob(sax-s ad lib.) cl pf vln vla vc

Serenade : voor piano, 1980 / Marinus Kasbergen

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Piano
Instrumentos: pf

Duo festivo : for bass clarinet and marimba, 1995 / Joep Straesser

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Mixed ensemble (2-11 players)
Instrumentos: cl-b mar

Drie stukken voor fluit en piano : (of harp), 1963 / Max Vredenburg

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Flute and keyboard instrument; Flute and Harp
Instrumentos: fl pf/hp



Forbidden Music Regained : Volume 1

Número del editor: 21453
Género: desconocido
Observaciones: 25 scores available as hard-cover ring-bound scores (A4) or soft-cover pocket-scores (A5). Also available as separate titles. The series of published scores of Forbidden Music Regained is a collaborative project by Donemus Publishing, the Leo Smit Foundation and the Netherlands Music Institute. This series is financially supported by the Investeringsfonds Muziek, an initiative by Buma/Stemra and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
Estado: totalmente digitalizada (en tiempo real de entrega)

Otros autores:
Belinfante, Daniel (composer)
Chapiro, Fania (composer)
Dresden, Sem (composer)
Hanf, Robert (composer)
Hijman, Julius (composer)
Kattenburg, Dick (composer)
Krieg, Hans (composer)
Lachman, Hans (composer)
Lier, Bertus van (composer)
Olman, Israel (composer)
Richter, Nico (composer)
Schuijer, Samuel (composer)
Smit, Leo (composer)
Spanjaard, Martin (composer)
Weisz, Franz (composer)
Daniël Belinfante: Zes Reflexen for piano
Julius Hijman: Ten Short Piano Pieces
Dick Kattenburg: Complete works for piano I (piano solo)
Dick Kattenburg: Complete works for piano II (two players four hands or two pianos)
Hans Krieg: Fünf Lieder for voice and piano
Hans Krieg: Kermis-scènes for piano
Hans Lachman: Pour mes Amis for piano
Hans Lachman: Artis-Suite for piano and wind instruments
Bertus van Lier: Tfile fun a ghettojid (A Prayer of a Ghetto Jew) for low voice and piano
Israel Olman: Zes voordrachtstukjes for piano
Nico Richter: Amorys, Chamber opera in one act
Daniël Belinfante: 4 Sonatines for piano
Samuel Schuijer: Sonate for violin and piano
Leo Smit: Suite, arrangement for orchestra (Godefroid Devreese and Bob Zimmerman)
Leo Smit: Divertimento for piano four-hands
Leo Smit: Saxofoonkwartet (arranged by Bob Zimmerman)
Martin Spanjaard: Caprice for piano
Franz Weisz: Klavierkompositionen
Fania Chapiro: Vier Miniaturen for piano four-hands
Fania Chapiro: 2 Sonatines for piano
Sem Dresden: Trio for violin, cello and piano
Sem Dresden: Sonata for flute and harp
Robert (Bob) Hanf: Serenade for orchestra
Julius Hijman: Divertimento for four clarinets and bass clarinet
Julius Hijman: Sonatine for alto saxophone and piano
The series 'Forbidden Music Regained' proudly presents works by composers who were persecuted during the Second World War. Performances of these works were forbidden during the war. Many composers were imprisoned, several did not survive and others went into hiding.
After the war a new generation took over. The pre-war composers were soon forgotten and their compositions remained hidden in closets and archives or fell otherwise into oblivion. In recent decades numerous works have been rediscovered through the efforts of the Leo Smit Foundation. Some scores were found in attics, others in a garden shed and a pile of music was found by young children next to a garbage can. These compositions are of a high quality and deserve to be performed again. The diversity of styles represents the entire spectrum of the first half of the Twentieth century: romanticism, impressionism, modernism, neoclassicism, jazz, and so forth. This project aims to encourage musicians, young and old, from across the globe to perform these compositions, and for concert audiences to (once again) become acquainted with this “unheard” music.

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