Borenstein, Nimrod

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Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Piano
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Reminiscences of Childhood : for piano solo / Nimrod Borenstein

Número del editor: 15955
Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Piano
Instrumentos: pf
Observaciones: Opus 54.
Duración: 10'05"
Número de interpretes: 1
Año de composición: 2012
Estado: totalmente digitalizada (en tiempo real de entrega)

Reminiscences of Childhood opus 54 was written in 2012 and premiered by Pascal Amoyel at the It's all about piano Festival in London (UK) on the 6th of April 2014. The composition is a set of three contrasted pieces entitled Lucilla's beehive, Uchti-Tuchti and The melancholic mobile. These pieces offer three different ways of looking at childhood: the first piece focuses on the innocence and beauty of childhood; the second, fast scherzo-like piece, is about playfulness; the last highly dramatic third piece is written as if we were looking at childhood in our old age, with regrets and sorrow but also peace and acceptance.  
The three pieces can either be performed separately or as a cycle. 
Nimrod Borenstein

What performers say:
"I had the privilege to premiere two works by Nimrod Borenstein. Both of them are fascinating and show Borenstein’s unique blend of rhythmical complexity with a very original use of tonal harmony.
His music is simple and very complex at the same time. It takes life 'between the notes’, and the thematic development often consists in an uprise from the simple to the complex, where the complex reflects the process of immersing ourselves in the deepest part of the music. Borenstein’s language is also very clear and structured. Each of his indications in the score have a clear reason and are always functional to his expressive ideas. His piano writing is always idiomatic and ergonomic.
Borenstein’s music brings great pleasure and enrichment both to the performers and the listeners."
Roberto Prosseda, pianist (

"I stumbled across the work of Nimrod Borenstein a few months ago. From the first notes on I was charmed and my nervous system reacted to his musical speech in a way that is not so common these days.
I was blessed to meet the man behind and got the first scores to have a look at myself. He is not only a sensitive, polite and nice person but has the energy and power that is also to to be found in his music.
The Reminiscences of Childhood is a work of great inspiration with unique ideas that catches the attention of the listener immediately. I can recommend it to anyone looking for interesting new music that has the traditional old values."
Ingolf Wunder, pianist (

"Thank you Nimrod Borenstein for your sensitivity and awareness of our pianistic needs.
Your writing is as satisfying to perform as it is to listen to and many of my students are having great pleasure in adding your works to their repertoire!"
Norma Fisher, pianist
Professor at the Royal College of Music & Artistic Director of London Master Classes
Acclaimed internationally as one of the UK’s leading pianists and teachers

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