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Vier Stücke : für kleines Ensemble : Bearbeitung von Vier Stücke für Klarinette und Klavier Op. 5 / Alban Berg ; arr. Geert van Keulen

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Mixed ensemble (2-12 players)
Instrumentos: fl(fl-a) cl pf vl vc

Sonate opus 1 : for orchestra, 1907-1908 instrumentation 1984 / Theo Verbey, Alban Berg

Género: Orquesta
Subgénero: Orchestra
Instrumentos: 2fl fl(pic) 2ob eh 2cl cl-b 2fg cfg 4h 3trp 3trb tb timp perc hp str

Dode duiven vallen om mij heen : = Dead pigeons are falling around me / Hans van Sweeden

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Piano; Voice and piano; Voice and instrument(s); Flute; Violin
Instrumentos: pf / sopr/sopr-m pf / sopr pf / occarino / vl

última edición

De minnaarscatalogus : 24 preludes quasi dramma giocoso, voor piano solo, 2001-2002 / Shai Lifshitz

Género: Música de cámara
Subgénero: Piano
Instrumentos: pf



Berg, Alban

Nacionalidad: Austria

Alban Maria Johannes Berg (9 February 1885 – 24 December 1935) was an Austrian composer of the Second Viennese School. His compositional style combined Romantic lyricism with the twelve-tone technique. Although he left a relatively small oeuvre, he is remembered as one of the most important composers of the 20th century for his expressive style encompassing "entire worlds of emotion and structure".
Source: Wikipedia